Friday, May 9, 2014

... its like eating an apple

I was communicating with the owner of a client company where I am doing an Agile Transformation today when she said basically that to her Agile was all about reviewing, organizing and prioritizing things in bites... a bite at a time... I wanted to clarify to make sure that she understood much of the key is using the tight feedback loops available in iterative development; not just simply iterating. In response I continued the analogy - of eating an apple:

A bite at a time that gives you more info about the rest of the apple, is it juicy and sweet? Tart? Have worms? Rotten? But it is also taking that info and making decisions around the further eating of the apple... Should it be cut unto slices? Cooked in a pie? Can we cut out the bad part and keep the rest?

Or should we leave the apple at good enough and toss the rest in the compost pile while we go back to the fruit bowl for another piece of fruit?