About Alexis

 Alexis K. La Joie
Agile Coach

Alexis La Joie entered professional software development in 1997 with a unique background of political philosophy, linguistics, engineering and Pre-Med science. Along the way he picked up a Law degree and a Masters in Computing. As such, Alexis has always striven to work with technology in a way which dignifies humans, is methodical, efficient and repeatable, and holds the return of value to the client as its core objective. It is natural that such an outlook would lead him quickly to Agile. The development best practices which have come out of the Agile movement appeal to his sense of scientific rigor. Having worked in various cultures Alexis appreciates the ability of Agile to transform a development team's efficiency by treating them as people. At the same time, he also respects that different cultures have differing mindsets. As such, he recognizes that each Agile transformation is unique and the Agility of one may not be the Agility of another. Thus, Alexis strives to help teams achieve a democratic Agile integration rather than an Agile tyranny. On the development side, Alexis is strong proponent of TDD. He is also supportive of polyglot programming and evolutionary architecture to use the right tools for the most valuable solution.